Hi, I am Jennifer! I am a food lover, travel enthusiast and avid reader who teaches middle school. I live in North Carolina with my husband, Ivan.

Someone once asked me if I liked to cook and my response was, “no. I like to eat.” I meant it as a joke. But it is true. I love food. Food brings people together. My husband and I sit down to eat and the pace of life slows down for a short while.

We like to eat healthy. I think that means something different for everyone. For us, it means eating a balanced meal with fruit, vegetables, and meat. It also means paying attention to the ingredients that go in the food. We love home cooked meals because we control everything that goes in it.

I cook using recipes that are simple to prepare and require ingredients I already have.  I hope you find my recipes delicious and easy to make. Thank you for stopping by!


9 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Jennifer, I loved your About page. I could relate to when you said you like to eat when asked if you like to cook. I think that is why I like to cook, too! I am so glad you stopped by my blog so we could connect. I look forward to checking out your recipes!

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